Who should attend?

Physical Education Teachers
After School Activities


School Environment

Attention plays a significant role in success in the classroom.


Use Catch + Think to keep students attentive and on task in a way that is fun AND focused.


This course gives the educators a comprehensive understanding of what attention is and enables them to immediately share it and put into action with the learners using the ready-to-implement activities. The course is adaptable to any learning level and time period. It does not require any specific sport knowledge.


What are the outcomes?

Leverage Catch + Think’s innovative sport-based activities to assist learners:


  • Identify and regulate distractors
  • Gain new levels of focus, concentration, executive function, and brain processing speed
  • Enhance visual processing and cognitive performance
  • Improve mental skills critical for learning
  • Improve working memory
  • Increase selective, sustained, and divided attention


Who should attend?

Mental preparation coaches

Amateur Athletes

Professional Athletes

Sport Environment

It has been proven that when physicality or technical ability is on par, cognitive performance becomes the key differentiator. Catch + Think will improve your understanding of how the brain functions and show you how to train your attention.


The short and easy-to-implement mental activation routine will allow you to physically feel the effects of well-directed attentional abilities. Use our method to build the mental muscle you need to clinch that crucial competitive advantage.

What are the outcomes?

  • Increase focus and hyper-focus
  • Build self-confidence and willpower
  • Manage distractions
  • Reduce negative stress
  • Develop the power of intentions
  • Empower decision making
  • Control internal and external emotions
  • Gain mental clarity


Who should attend?


Office workers

Production workers

Individual Athletes


Anyone seeking to improve their life

Make an intentional shift from reactive to proactive by taking control of where your attention goes.


Use this course to become aware of your own attention, learn how to manage it and discover a daily ritual based on a short easy-to-implement mental activation routine that will help you develop a strong focus during your daily activities.


Be more mindful, more productive, more performant and win at life!

What are the outcomes?

  • Increase focus and hyper-focus
  • Build self-confidence and willpower
  • Manage distractions
  • Reduce negative stress with others
  • Develop the power of intentions
  • Empower decision making
  • Prioritize daily tasks
  • Make progress on meaningful work, as opposed to reacting to incoming demands
  • Regulate continuous digital interactions
  • Control internal and external emotions


Who should attend?

Sport Coaches



PE Teachers

Fitness Coaches


Rugby, Basketball, Handball and Soccer

Where physical preparation is equal, the team that out thinks and outmaneuvers its opponent will have the upper hand.

Use the Catch + Think method to help your team develop and expand invaluable game intelligence, for consistently high performance under pressure.

What are the outcomes?

  • Improving basic skills
  • Control the attention cycle
  • Develop the “Search-Decide-Execute” sequencing repeating the process, always doing the right thing at the right time is what breeds success
  • Better understanding of anticipation skills, recognition skills, and decision making
  • Cope in pressure environments and handle the pressure
  • Ensure effective transfer to the game atmosphere. We do this by overloading attention and prioritizing tasks in training


Experience a gradual cognitive training through a captivating game

Young and old alike



High-performance athletes

Amateur sportsmen and sportswomen

Healthy people or with mild cognitive decline

… or quite simply Everybody


An introduction to cognitive training, gradual in difficulty, and in the form of a game to discover the fundamentals of the Catch + Think method.


This game is complete because it activates all cognitive functions: executive functions, memory, intellectual functions, visuospatial functions, gnosies, praxis, language and speed of information processing. Our attention is transversal and involved in all the stages of cognition!


The Catch + Think game has the extraordinary power to reveal the necessary commitment needed by our brain to direct our attention or to inhibit distractors. It teaches us to choose the right information, to then manipulate and link it with information encoded in our memories. By physically experiencing this process, it helps us to anchor the role of attention in our actions.

The progressive multitasking induced in the game rules, allows us to activate all the sub-processes of attention: selective, focused, sustained, divided, and alternate attention. And the regular practice of this cognitive training, of course, strengthens the process of concentration.


A game of Catch + Think is particularly revealing of the attention of each participant!


According to Professor Léonard Zaichkowsky of Boston University: “The cognitive skills acquired by players can also transfer into their daily lives.” That is significant! Faster perception and processing of information in the brain translates into any area of learning and any cognitive actions.


The rules are simple and fun, the games of 5 minutes minimum, are played with 2 players or more, in static or active mode. The active mode engages greater motor skills and therefore couples the benefits of cognitive training with those of physical training.


Get ready to have fun while activating your neurons.

What are the outcomes?

  • Helps stimulate all cognitive skills

  • Strengthens and trains attentional neural circuits

  • Improves your perception, coordination, reasoning, concentration, memory, inhibition

  • Lays down the fundamentals of understanding how attention works and of the Catch + Think method



This training is intended for:


Health professionals

Fitness trainers


Sports trainers


This course allows you to understand how cognitive training with the Catch + Think method and equipment can be implemented in just about any rehabilitation program.


100 simultaneous physical and cognitive rehabilitation videos adaptable to all your patients (from 7 years old, young people, adolescents, adults and the elderly) + a cognitive evaluation test with 6 levels of cognitive load designed to be used as a regular screening tool to identify subtle cognitive deficits.


The Catch and Think method is validated by the neurologist Jean-François Chermann, specialist in France for concussions in athletes and head of the “Concussion and sport” consultation at the Léopold-Bellan hospital in Paris. He participated in the development of a concussion management program, applicable to all sports, under the aegis of the Society of Sports Medicine. He is a reference for many rugby clubs (Racing 92, Stade Français, Biarritz, Bayonne) and several federations (judo, football, basketball, MMA, boxing…).


Our 6-Level Cognitive Load Assessment Test is designed to also be used as a regular pre-concussion and post-concussion screening tool to support this concussion management program.

The expected results


  • Simultaneous management of physical and cognitive rehabilitation provides a synergy that leads to greater physical and cognitive improvements than when physical and cognitive rehabilitation are carried out separately
  • The combination of interventions produces a richer and more varied physical and social environment, which further stimulates the plasticity of cognitive functions and allows the acquisition of new capacities.
  • The proposed activities combine physical movements and cognitive memory training that improve a greater number of cognitive variables of working memory and spatial skills.
  • Improving the autonomy of people with mild cognitive impairment
  • Facilitate a faster return to daily activities after an injury
  • For the athlete to maintain their cognitive abilities, in order to keep their competitive acuity in terms of mental abilities and return to training with more confidence